Welcome to the AJ Warrior Cats Roleplay WikiaEdit

Hello! This Wiki is dedicated to players of the game Animal Jam who roleplay as Warrior cats. The Warriors series was created by Erin Hunter, but the stories, cats, roleplays(and sometimes even Clans!) you create belong to YOU! Start roleplaying with others today!

The Rules and suchEdit

Remember, there are some important rules before you can have some fun. All you need to remember is to be polite to others, follow your Clan's rules(but be imaginative if you wish!), the Warriors series belongs to Erin Hunter and everyone else who helped to create them, and enjoy! This Wiki was created for you to be creative and enjoy yourself. If you are looking for any open Clans to join, or notice an error on the Wiki, or anything at all, message me(the Founder) and I will sort things out. :D

Latest activityEdit

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