So, do you want to make a Clan, but don't know how? Do you know how to make a Clan, simply wanting to spice it up more? Whatever reason you are reading this, I hope you find some info. So, let's begin!

1. Remember, Clans tend to take place in forest-y enviroments, or mountains, but sometimes it's nice to switch it up a little. I mean, a Clan in the desert? That's pretty cool!

2. Make sure there is no drama/powerplaying. If you don't know, powerplaying is when someone does someting and adds "No miss" , "No nothing" , or both. If a conflict that isn't part of the roleplay arises, try to smooth it out instead of joining in and making it tiresome for others.

3. It's ok if someone plays as a blue and purple cat or otherwise, sometimes it's fun to have odd markings or colours. However, if the Clan you are in resricts that, you should follow the rules or maybe find another Clan if that suits you.

4. Add a little twist to make your Clan unique. Somewhat like number 1, sometimes a little change is nice. A lot of roleplayers settle in Sarepia Forest, but what would happen if you made your den look like a ruined forest? That would certainly set a mood of diaster and the need for survival. Or maybe Jamaa Township, you could pretend to live in the secret places of the city.

5. Have fun! It's important for others to enjoy your Clan, but make sure you like it yourself. It makes it a lot more satsifying!

I hope these tips helped! Remember, it isn't necessary to use these ideas. Have fun with your Clan, band of Rogues, or whatever you can dream of! :D

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